Before They Leave is a short twine story about fumbling through depression, friends, and crushes. - DEMO/Work In Progress

I tried to think of a unique story that was unrelated to my comic, but I wound up doing something of a prequel exploration of depression. I'd wanted to touch more seriously and explore the subject better in my comic but I'd been having a hard time thinking of a good way to tackle it outside of prose, as I generally avoid thought bubbles. 

I've spent the past two days (though mostly today) working on what's effectively a pseudo demo, or first leg of a story using and learning Twine. This is hella not reflective of what the final thing should look like, nothing's polished or anything. Its borderline rushed. I just wanted to have a thing online so that I can go to sleep and come back to it repeatedly to work on.

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Published 3 days ago
StatusIn development
Tagsdepression, girls-love, Story Rich, Twine, yuri
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